Hack Hard: A Classic RPG Hacking Game

PLAY IT NOW: https://github.com/milosilo/hack_hard

Step into a world where cyber challenges meet the spirit of a retro RPG in “Hack Hard.” This immersive experience takes you on a nostalgic journey inspired by the legendary John McClane. As a savvy hacker, you’ll navigate through virtual skyscrapers filled with hacking quests, each floor bringing new challenges and techniques to master.

Gameplay Style:
The game is designed in the style of a retro RPG, capturing the essence of classic gaming while infusing it with a modern cyber twist. Immerse yourself in pixelated environments that pay homage to the golden age of role-playing games.

Guide to Phases, Tools, and Techniques:

1. Recon Phase – “Gathering Intel”

  • Description: Embark on your hacking journey by gathering essential information about your target. Just like a true RPG hero exploring a new town, you’ll assess vulnerabilities and uncover potential entry points.
  • Tools and Techniques: ‘nmap’, ‘whois’, ‘shodan’, ‘theHarvester’
  • Tip: Detailed recon is the key to success!

2. Enumeration Phase – “Surveying the Terrain”

  • Description: Progress through each virtual floor as you would in a classic RPG. Enumerate services, users, and devices to discover hidden paths, similar to uncovering secrets in a fantasy realm.
  • Tools and Techniques: ‘enum4linux’, ‘nbtscan’, ‘enum’, ‘dirb’
  • Tip: Explore every corner for hidden treasures!

3. Exploitation Phase – “Breaking In”

  • Description: Relive the excitement of classic RPG battles as you exploit vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access. Equip yourself with cyber weapons and conquer challenges, much like a hero triumphing over dungeons.
  • Tools and Techniques: ‘metasploit’, ‘searchsploit’, ‘msfvenom’, ‘hydra’
  • Tip: Convert hacks into heroic victories!

4. Privilege Escalation Phase – “Reaching the Top”

  • Description: Rise to the top in a landscape reminiscent of RPG adventures. Master privilege escalation techniques to gain more control, akin to climbing the floors of a tower in a fantasy realm.
  • Tools and Techniques: ‘sudo’, ‘Kernel Exploits’, ‘Windows Privesc Check’, ‘linpeas’
  • Tip: Elevate your skills for ultimate dominance!

5. Lateral Movement Phase – “Navigating the Network”

  • Description: Traverse through a pixelated network, much like an RPG hero navigating complex mazes. Move laterally between systems, embracing the spirit of exploration and discovery.
  • Tools and Techniques: ‘psexec’, ‘evil-winrm’, ‘sshuttle’, ‘pth-winexe’
  • Tip: Forge new paths and unravel the labyrinth!

6. Exfiltration Phase – “Making Your Escape”

  • Description: Channel the spirit of retro RPGs and prepare for a grand escape. Exfiltrate sensitive data pixel by pixel, much like a hero making a dramatic exit from a perilous situation.
  • Tools and Techniques: ‘scp’, ‘rsync’, ‘wget’, ‘netcat’
  • Tip: Plan your exit strategy for a triumphant getaway!

Ultimate Goal:
Progress through each floor, using your hacking prowess to conquer challenges and overcome cyber obstacles. Become the ultimate hacker-hero by embracing the spirit of John McClane and honing your skills in this nostalgic cyber adventure.

“Hack Hard” combines the charm of retro RPGs with the excitement of cyber challenges. Embark on a journey that pays tribute to the iconic “Die Hard” franchise while offering a unique and immersive hacking experience. Are you ready to channel your inner hacker-hero and say, “Yippee-ki-yay, hacker!”? Dive into the digital world of hacking, where nostalgia meets cyber expertise.